The naturopathic iridologist is an alternative medicine practitioner that can read your emotional, physical and energetic constitution, through the analysis of the iris.

Iris analysis can reveal important data such as the accumulation of toxins, chemical imbalances, areas of inflammation, subconscious tensions, irritability and proneness, before disease occurs and even before symptoms develop.

The naturopathic iridologist is not a physician, but an holistic counselor advocating the client’s own responsibility for their well being, promoting personalized body and mind health programs.

Through the self-healing stimulation, the naturopathic counselor offers the opportunity to solve deep causes of body and mind imbalance.

Through the comprehension of these delicate inter dependences, the naturopath can help clients providing natural remedies advices, flower therapy, nutrition and well being programs that are personalized to meet the client’s requirements.


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