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I was initially unsure as whether or not the kinesiology tests Barbara used to choose the correct medicine for me was going to really work, but now I am convinced. I take daily 2 natural remedies pills for ADHD in order to avoid stimulant drugs. I can concentrate much better and as a result my productivity has increased! - Ben Cook, Researcher, Delft University Technology-
Barbara’s advice to my family has been as dynamic and comprehensive as her flowering personality. She was able to advise through my pregnanacy  on how to have a balanced nutritious gluten-free diet (I have celiac disease) that could also benefit the development of my child. She has been most helpful in providing tips for baby weaning. Personally I most appreciate that she has introduced me to some amazing nutritional flavors such as amaranth and quinoa that are now regular ingredients of our home cooking. Thank you Barbara! -Anita Csoma, Nia Dance Teacher, The Hague-
“I used Barbara first in 2008 because I had been suffering from writer’s block for six months. I had tried everything, read every book and worked hard on my own but nothing had worked. Then Barbara helped me to find the right Bach Flower remedies for me and within 2 days my muse was flowing again and has not stopped since. Later, I hired Barbara as in iridologist to help me cope with my insomnia. She found that I was suffering from hormonal imbalance during perimenopause, and prescribed some quality vitamins and minerals and I have felt better ever since. I have also hired Barbara to help my teenagers with problems ranging from urticaria to lack of focus and confidence. She works wonders every time. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”- Jo Parfitt, writer, teacher and writers mentor, Den Haag, www.joparfitt.com-
“Barbara is incredibly knowledgeable about health and can very quickly figure out where imbalances lie and help you to fix them. I sent my young son to see Barbara and finally his chronic lung infection was treated and cured very quickly. Barbara is a treasure chest of information!”-Nancy Mayer, Independent Music Professional, The Hague-
Frankly, I was sceptical to believe that alternative medicine treatments could solve my infertility problems. It was just to please my wife that eventually I decided to try the specific diet and remedies you prescribed me, but now that I am under the spell of my healthy toddler, I am glad that my wife insisted on visiting you. Once again our thanks. PS, obviously you’ll be recommended! -Gupta Souestrinoto, Attorney at Law, Jakarta-
Please excuse the capital letters but I need to shout it……..  I  AM PREGNANT!!!!! We appreciate that you took your time to do all this research on our case. We have been trying for 10 years with 2 miscarriages and no success. It’s a big dream come true and I owe it all to your continuous advice from specific foods and supplements to life style changes for me and my hubby. I am 10 weeks pregnant and I had my first ultrasound the other day… I am so happy to see my baby heartbeat.Thank you so much for your help and will surely recommened others.Your approach gave hope and answered many questions for me, so i thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Wish me luck : ) Elisabeth
Elisabeth asked her family name and profession to be hidden, and I totally understand, so I will call her “Joyful Mother 2011″
Before I went to her I was prescribed anti-depressants/tranquilizers by my doctor (I just couldn’t find a way out, no light at the end of the tunnel!) Because this was not the first time I had ever been on anti-depressants, I knew what to expect and in my opinion they are nothing but a ‘quick fix’ to an inner problem and they totally numb the ‘pain’ out and detached me from my inner feelings, like alcohol, therefore I was unable to deal with the ‘issues’ which were living for me and the issues still there after  had stopped taking the ‘pills’(treats the symptom but doesn’t cure it) I believe we have to feel the feelings to be able to cure the turmoil/issues and it’s a very painful process but worth it in the end. I still see Barbara, the best decision I have ever made and by noticing my vast improvement I am happy to share that I will always be eternally greatful to Barbara. - Doriana Van Dijk – professional nail technician and manicurist, Gouda-
When I first consulted ND Barbara Reale, I had been suffering of premenstrual syndrome for about two years. ND Barbara Reale introduced me to a different and broader consideration of health and health related problems, stressing above all the importance of following a proper diet, according to the body specific needs. More recently, I consulted her during and after the breast-feeding in order to restore – naturally – the hormonal inbalance and its related effetcs. I had great results. - Francesca Bullo, Translator, The Hague-
“Barbara has an incredible amount of knowledge, an inspiring personality and a very personal and individual approach. I recognize and trust her iridological diagnoses completely because she made me more aware of the cause behind my ailments! I also like that she’s competent, reliable, flexible and offers great customer care. I went to ND Barbara Reale more than once  in 2010 and most of my clients have become clients of hers because I keep raving about her!” -Anja Schuetz, Certified Recognition Professional and Personal Coach, The Hague-
Barbara, I just want to share with you my amazement about not experiencing pain during my period. It hasn’t been like this for many many months, moreover I don’t feel down or exhausted by it. This is due to the fact that I ‘ve stuck to the personalized eating plan and the remedies you recommended. This is not the first time you’ve provided a safe and effective solution to a health problem, so now I consider you my family doctor:-) Thank you very much! -Ivana Prisudova, professional holistic masseuse, The Hague-

My experience with natural medicine has been fantastic! I heard about Barbara through a friend and I immediately asked for an appointment.
In my early 40ies, I was busy trying to get pregnant for more than 2 years. After consultations with our doctors, my partner and I decided to try the
artificial insemination with no luck. By that time I met Barbara and I asked her to help me.
We did a 2 months treatment of cleaning my body (detox) and keep a personalized diet to optimize fertility naturally. My partner also started his own personal treatment with her (both of us in parallel). We started at the very beginning of September and I was pregnant in November! I now have a 14 months lovely baby and I am very thankful to Barbara and her approachability competency in conveying information!
- Natalia Stevarella – ex beautician – now full time mother:) Rotterdam


Ook mijn zoon (nu 13) was een overduidelijke ADHD’er: wat waren we blij met Concerta!
Enige nadeel natuurlijk dat je minder slaap nodig hebt en minder eetlust….
Minder slapen, minder eten…opgroeiend kind? Deze combinatie leidde er toe dat mijn zoon te klein en te licht bleef voor zijn leeftijd.
Dat had ik natuurlijk in eerste instantie niet door en we waren dolblij met de goede resultaten bij het Concerta gebruik.
 Totdat ik toevallig op mijn hardloop clubje een Italiaanse “Natuurgeneiskundige Dokter” ontmoette en we het op de één op andere wijze over ADHD kregen.
Zij wijtte het bestaan van ADHD aan ons voedsel. Geloofde ik (als ervaringsdeskundige) natuurlijk niets van, maar Barbara had op al mijn kritische vragen een overtuigend antwoord.  Met zoon naar haar toe waarna zij binnen 20 minuten wist op welk voedsel mijn zoon niet goed reageerde!
Ze gaf ons een dieet mee en wij zijn gestopt met Concerta. Daarnaast nog wat drankjes om bepaalde stoffen in het bloed aan te vullen of juist te verwijderen.
Ook is mijn zoon (meer) gaan sporten. NA één WEEK met een dieet op maat, was mijn zoon net zo “normaal” als bij het gebruik van Concerta!!!
We zijn nu een jaar verder. Mijn zoon eet als een paard en slaapt goed. 
Rust in zijn hoofd, gewoon kunnen stilzitten, goed kunnen concentreren etc. Ook gewoon een normale puber en hij is enorm gegroeid!
 De huisarts reageerde heel sceptisch.
Ook de voedselindustrie zal niet blij zijn: de thans oneindige reeks aan kunstmatige toevoegingen aan ons voedsel was ook voor een deel verantwoordelijk voor de ADHD van mijn zoon.
Natuurlijk ben ik een roepende in de woestijn, dit zal heftig ontkend worden van medische zijde: er wordt gewoon veel geld verdiend aan ADHD!
En de oplossing is zó simpel! Gewoon je voedsel op maat aanpassen!
 -  Hans Dijkhuizen, ondernemer, Den Haag

 “Barbara is a knowledgable naturopathic doctor who I first consulted during my pregnancy last year. She recommended a holistic, natural healing regime that actually worked:) Little did I know that after my pregnancy I’d be contacting Barbara again. I went into a postpartum depression that worsened when my father died shortly after my giving birth. Her prescribing vitamins, Bach flower remedies and allowing ample time for me to talk enabled me to face that depression and ensuing anxiety without having to take conventional anti-depressants. Without Barbara’s deep knowledge of her field, I might still be taking anti-depressants, as my GP had suggested. Not only have I taken my children to Barbara, I would highly recommend her as a naturopathic doctor to anyone looking for high quality alternative care.” 
Service Category: Doctor- Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once) - Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
- Caroline Vines, writer and blogger, Voorschoten
Barbara, I want to share with you what happened after the first night with flower therapy: last night, my little daughter Giulia, woke up as usual in the middle of the night and I heard the door of her room opening. I was expecting her to climb up into our bed, but after a few seconds the door closed again. I didn’t move to see what was going on, but thanks to my bach remedies, I felt asleep again. This morning my husband was very curious, so he asked her why she didn’t come as usual in our bedroom and she replied, “nowI am not scared anymore to sleep in my bed alone“. Thank you very much Barbara, after a whole night sleepI feel brand new today and feel like going to the gym tonight! -Mirella Frassine, Management Assistant at TU Delft-
“Barbara offers clear and precise help.  She’s very observant and perceptive in identifying and assesing her client’s needs. Her personality inspires trust, so you feel confident to talk to her. My experience was positive and fruitful. Thanks to her professionality,I achieved great results in short time-Izabela Hajduk, Communication Manager at Haagse School, The Hague-
Barbara, a big thank you from both me and my husband, but more importantly from our dogs Chana and Jolly :-) .  Folowing your presentation on Bach Flowers Therapy, I tried your suggested remedies on our dogs who are terrified of thunder storms. In advance of the storms I gave them their drops which turned them from terrified dogs to sleeping babies. I will continue to use these remedies as well as  recommending your practice as an alternative vetenary practitioner! Once again, thank you; your advice and knowledge hits the spot! - Nancy & Jim Gouda, Wassenaar-
“I’ve always considered myself a health conscious person and I attended one of Barbara’s cooking workshops primarily to get some new healthy recipes. What I walked away with was a gift―a gift of health for myself and my family…What impresses me most about Barbara is not only her infinite knowledge of  the amazing nutritious food I never heard of before, but her genuine passion for encouraging others to learn about healthy shopping, cooking and eating.  Since then, when I shop, I find myself gravitating toward more grains, beans and healthier foods. I tend to read the labels now and am more aware of the ingredients to include and those to avoid. What really won me over was how delicious and easy all of the dishes that we prepared were. It still motivates me to explore “new” foods and make special meals for my kids and friends – Louise Zanedy, Lodi, Italy -
Barbara organised an Italian cooking workshop as a team building event for our group, consisting of 12 colleagues. The choice of dishes was very well balanced and only fresh ingredients were used. After relaxing with a glass of excellent wines, we formed groups and played a card game for business people, provided by Barbara to help us to feel connected in a different environment. After the game, each group was supplied with a delicious and easy recipe, all the necessary ingredients and set to work. When all the dishes were ready we sat around the table to eat everything together. We all amazed ourselves and everything was absolutely delicious. The whole group thoroughly enjoyed the experience and although we had lots of laughs we did actually learn some wonderful dishes and little cooking tips. I can highly recommend Barbara’s cooking workshop to everyone interesting in light delicious recipes. -Jackie Gannon, Management Assistant at TNO Patents & Licensing, Delft-
Thank you for an excellent evening. Barbara professionally managed the process and outcome of a typical Italian dinner with an healthy twist. With her joyful and skilful guidance our teams produced an excellent meal and we enjoyed every minute of the experience. Thank you again for creating an experience that enabled us to get out of our comfort zones & really experience pure team cooperation & bonding.  - Giovanni Montalto – Shell, Rijswijk
Funny and creative alternative to the usual type of team building activities.Everyone had a great time and enjoyed interacting with others in the group! Thank you for the part you played, for inspiring so many people to embrace healthy cooking and of course for introducing them to the fabulous quinoa!Anders Lehmann – APM Terminals, The Hague

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