Have you been dealing with physical or emotional LIFE ISSUES  without reliable results?

WITH Naturopathy YOU CAN treat the causes BEHIND your symptoms.

Naturopathy is an effective alternative medicine therapy that offers a tailor made holistic approach to overcome any kind of physical ailment and/or emotional turmoil(s).

Naturopathic consultation 30 min. – 60 euros

Short consultation to help identify and  tailormake an effective remedy to help solve a specific ailment.

Specific Iridological consultation 90 min. – 90 euros

Iridological diagnose to identify family predispositions and roots causes of diseases.   This consultation includes tailor made naturpathic prescription.

Special weight loss programme (including workshop) - 150 euros

These 3 one on one sessions would include:

  • an initial consultation to choose the most effective supplements to rebalance your metabolism and reduce weight
  • a weight-loss cooking workshop – tailormade to your needs
  • a final check up after 3 months therapy, to design together your maintenance programme

Special athlets programme (including workshop) - 100 euros

Barbara Reale ¬†has been recently trained by sport doctors who are prescribing organic supplements to Italian athlete like Niccolo’ Beni, Ilaria Bianchi and Giorgio Di Centa.

Her tailor-made offer for you, is to do a kinesiology test to identify food intolerance and choose the most appropriate organic supplements to meet your goals. You would receive a prescription for a personalized programme to reduce lactid acid and increase hemoglobin,   improve maximum oxygen uptake, strength endurance and oxygen production. Her special offer for you is to make the consultation together with an anti-oxidant cooking workshop or blood type cooking workshop.

During these cooking workshops you can learn step by step tricks and tips to prepare fast genuine meals for the all week.

Also cooking classes are or can be arranged for special needs like gluten-free, sugar free, infertility or depression.

Clinical detox reflexology 60 min. Р 55 euros

This treatment is effective for mind and body balance. Reflexology works on the meridian points of  the feet to stimulate, detox and promote healing and can be used as diagnose to identify predispositions of specific ailments or complaints.

Bach Flower Therapy- 30 min. – 50 euros (including remedies)

Dr. Bach,  a well known bacteriologist and pathologist believed many illnesses began in a unsettled emotional body and that nature held the answers to healing.  His discovery of the 38 flower essences have been used for centuries to allieviate the emotional unbalance behind disease. The number of psychologists and medical professionals using bach flowers continues to increase as the this  holistic approach has no side effects and is extremely effective when provided by a therapist. The consultation begins with a discussion of the client needs, to determine the underlying problem and a tailor made flower remedy will then be created.

Moxa therapy  30 min. Р50 euros

Moxa is a painless ancient technique working on the meridians of the body through the use of heat, to alleviate  stagnations, phleghm,  and pain related problems. For acute pain like stiff neck or compression of the sciatic nerve, one painless treatment is enough to get rid of the it!

Not sure? Ask Barbara if your pain can be successfully treated with moxa.

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