I am an Italian a qualified Naturopathic Doctor certified in The Netherlands and my services are refunded by Dutch insurance companies covering alternative medicine.

Having completed a five year post graduate diploma in Naturopathy, I have been working as naturopathic doctor and nutritionist for several years in Italian and Indonesian holistic centres where I also lectured, organised seminars and healthy cooking workshops. (see Naturopathic FAQ to know more about my education).

I’m specialised in holistic medicine because the causes of disease often have a misunderstood origin. So many of our health problems can be fatigue, allergy or fod intolerance related. I work using Flower Therapy, personalized nutritional suplementation or detoxification programs, naturopathic herbal remedies and promoting life style changes to meet people’s goals and expectations.

Specific programmes can be designed towards weight loss, cholesterol lowering management, diabetes management, pregnancy and breastfeeding care, stress management, athletic performance, arthritic conditions, menopause, depression and so on.

Naturopathic doctors are registered in the Netherlands as alternative medicine therapists.

Barbara is a recognized LVNG therapist with license number 109081171 as well as in the BNG register with licence number 308373 and at the chamber of commerce with BTW No: NL.262702897.B01

WHAT IS NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE? Naturopathic medicine means self-empowerment because educate people to restore their physical and emotional health with certified natural treatments.

Recently, a client of mine, left my practice saying: “I came here to fix my emotions and I just discovered that my mood swings are related to my hormone unbalances and now I am going home with a list of few treatments which will cure my mood swings, my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and my weight problems all in one! How can it be?”

“This is the holistic approach”, I replied automatically… “identifying the root cause behind your symptoms”, I continued.

“You know, Barbara”, she said, “this is not what I was expecting…. I was expecting alternative treatments for my depression only”.

“Ok”, I replied in my disbelief, “but in alternative medicine the approach is holistic…”

“Barbara, make me a favor”, she said, “explain clearly what you do before people make the huge mistake to avoid you because they cannot get how much you can help them”.

“So you are happy??”, I replied, getting more and more confused…

“I am enthusiast and relieved at the same time, but honestely, before experiencing this, holistic meant anything to me, so please, make sure people understand clearly the difference between alternative and conventional”.

God bless her! Here it is the reason why I have decided to stop assuming and talk more clearly, to untagle this delicate substancial difference:

My name is Barbara Reale I am a naturopathic doctor. I am like a family doctor that you would consult for any kind of physical problem such as cold, skin problem, infection, pain etc, or emotional turmoil, like depression. (see NATUROPATHIC FAQ to know more about my education).

The reason to see me instead of your physician, depends on your approach to health and current condition. If you’re looking for the quick fix, visit your GP and go home after 5 minutes, with common place drugs, to get rid of your symptoms. Also for any acute symptoms or injuries the physician is the only qualified medical pratictioner who can prescribe you drugs and provide you the qualified assistance you deserve. The reasons to consult a naturopathic doctor, is when you haven’t solved yet a recurrent ailment and you want a personalized lifestyle  program to solve NOT the symptoms, but efficently eradicate the roots cause of your current problem and prevent it from coming back again.

How can naturopathy treat the causes? Because our body is much more intelligent than what we think and if we understand and cure the reason why it is temporary disfunctional, we choose the remedies that respectfully help the body to fix the problem and restablish the balance again.

Here is an example of differences in the cure approach for a common ailment like diabetes: It isn’t BAD GENES or BAD LUCK that causes diabetes… it is years and years (often even generations) of BAD EATING HABITS and ignored symptoms. Diabetes is the consequence of many years of a silent metabolique syndrome, during the ones, your insuline resistance is giving you a lot of signals like sugar craving and lots of other symptoms according to your family predispositions.These symptoms are swinging, so that your GP will prescribe you different drugs according to the symptoms you refer, until when your blood tests will reveal diabetes… Naturopathic doctors, don’t read symptoms separately,  but recognized root causes of illnesses during their early stages and provide personalized treatments to rebalance your values through personalized lifestyle and treatments.

Another simple way to explain the main differences between conventional cures and alternative cures, is to talk about antibiotics. Antibiotics, are chemicals programmed to kill, they distroy everything (anti-biotica means against-life), that’s why a lot of people experience chronic fatigue, yeast infection, rush or herpes after antibiotic cures.

So what in case of  high fever or bacterial infection? Fever is NOT an illness; when you have fever, it means you have a strong and effective immune system wich is making its own job: rising the temperature to make your lymph becoming thinner to trap bacteria in the lymph nodes, killing them and eliminating them through sweat, stools and pee. So, the reason why you feel extremely exausted during fever, is because your immune system is too busy to win the battle and there’s no energy left for your body. Infact, the best thing you can do to help your body to heal sooner is to sleep, to eat a little of energetical food and plenty of water to recover the energies and flash out the toxins. See my related advice in the article section.

So, why we use antibiotics? Antibiotics sabotage the healing inflammation caused by the immune system, so that the fever goes down faster to prevent more serious infections like meningitis.

So, what’s wrong with antibiotics if they can prevent more dangerous infections? In the last 20 years, Psyconeuroimmunology, a new branch of immunology, has given scientific evidence to the naturopathic approach, proving that antibiotica are not effective against viruses and  are dangerous because reducing fever before time, they quickly cool down and thicken the lymph stream when bacteria and viruses are still alive and so you don’t get rid of them. This means that after many years of carring them within you, your body can be exposed to immunological diseases like multiple sclerosis, etc… because the  lymph system is where our immune cells breath, eat and reproduce them selves.

So what is a safe and effective alternative to antibiotics? Only when after 3 days of natural antivirus and antibacterial remedies, the fever is still high, you must consult your physician, who will prescribe you antibiotics to avoid dangerous infections.  However, antibiotics should be always followed by specif lymph detox treatments and personalised minerals and vitamins intake to rebalance the consequent immune system debilitation..

Fortunately, in most cases, antibiotica can be avoided. Infact, with a detailed diagnose it is possible to identify which natural remedy is the best alley to your immune system. Some remedies boost the immune system, other reduce its exagerated response, others have a balancing action. Moreover same plant extract may be harmful for you, while very effective on other people. A naturopathic doctor can identify the cause behind your ailments and provide you a safe and effective remedy to cope, solve and prevent all your predispositions.                                                                                    

Mother nature provides thousends of healing herbs,

that new pharmacology work out in specific remedies.

Natural remedies are not less effective, on the contrary,

their action is so specific that only an expert can identify your alley.