Good mood food

Eating the right food can help to pick you up if you’re feeling rough and even prevent sickness. Barbara Reale offers some tips for keeping body and soul together.

Ten top good mood foods

* Turkey and chicken meat
* Whole grains and oats
* Lentils and beans
* Nuts and seeds
* Oily fish (omega 3 rich)
* Citrus fruits and pineapple
* Tofu
* Spinach
* Bananas
* Chocolate

Feel-good fast food: Sardine sandwich


* 2 slices of whole grain bread
* 1 garlic clove
* 2 sardines in olive oil
* 1 fresh ripe tomato
* 1 handful of finely chopped fresh basil or oregano


* Toast the bread until light brown.
* Rub one side of both slices with the garlic clove.
* Add the sardine filets, sliced tomato and basil.

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